Wednesday, February 2, 2011


This is what we've been up to today.
Double layer train tracks.  I couldn't make the "Up and Down" train tracks like he wanted.

"Why do you have your hand up?"
"I want to block it."
"Cause I like to be a pill like dat."
And little brother got a hair cut (much shorter than I meant but I learned a valuable lesson: if you want the hair long take him to someone who KNOWS WHAT THEY'RE DOING) He's napping now so maybe I'll catch a picture of his new sassy do, that goes so well with his new sassy attitude, later.  You can certainly tell he'll be two this summer.  We were going to make blueberry muffins until I realized Aunt Christie still has my muffin tins... we'll remedy that later. 
For now these few pictures will have to suffice for my lack of witty blogging. :)

***UPDATE: Here's the boychild after waking from his nap:

Big Brother wanted to be in on the photo shoot too.


  1. Great pics! You did an awesome up-down track. I don't usually do a double track on the up part. Good thinking.

  2. I love the hair! I don't know how you get him to sit still long enough to cut his hair. I am greatful I can get away with not cutting Kin's hair because I know it would be a nightmare!

  3. Ya go fast and let him watch a show.

  4. Love dat little pill and the boychild with afternap rosy cheeks. The haircut looks great. Add railroad construction and barber skilz to your resume!

  5. So... I have pretty cute nephews. Just sayin'. And remind me next time and I'll bring back the muffin tins. No one should be without blueberry muffins.