Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Snowy Day

One day a little boy looked outside and saw there was snow on the ground. 
So he bundled up in his warm snow pants, coat, mittens, hat and boots.
 Then he helped his little brother get dressed too. 
 The boys went to a big hill and got Daddy to pull them up in the tobaggon. WEEE!
 Down Down Down they went. WOOOSH! Fast!
 Daddy thought it would be fun to make snow angels.
But the snow was too frozen. 
What a happy day in the snow.
 Little Brother wouldn't look and the camera. 
 And Big Brother thought the Paparazzi was after him.  
Then they all went home and drank some warm cocoa. 
"Warm, Warm, Warm! WE GOT IT!"

PS: This was BEFORE the other snow dumped on us. 


  1. What fun! You have your very own Snowy Day story to treasure all the rest of your life. No other winter will ever be quite like this one. Landon's acquiring a great collection of hats.

  2. I haven't checked in on blogland in a while and you've been busy. I love the infinity dress and think you should definitely make it. Love that zipper pouch. I've never sewn a zipper before and they scare me. I might have to get over my fear just so I can make one of those cute things and can I say that I can't believe how much snow you have! That is CRAZY! Yikes. I would be hibernating all winter.

  3. Snow. UGH! I'm sorry you live in a snowy place; I'd rather have nothing to eat but runny eggs for the rest of my life. Sledding does look kinda fun, though. Especially followed by hot chocolate (yeah, WE GOT IT!).

    From henceforth I will stop complaining about our mid-fifties weather. (I know. I need to be slapped.)