Thursday, February 3, 2011

KT Rose

Today is my friend Katie's birthday.
She would have been 28.
She died almost 5 1/2 years ago.  Travelling back to BYU from Oregon after Thanksgiving with her mom their car hit a patch of black ice and crashed.  While she was trying to get her mom out of the car another car hit the same patch of black ice spun out and hit her. They left behind her dad, and two brothers.

Sean and I were driving back to Cedar from spending Thanksgiving in California with my family.  We were just engaged.  We had pulled over in Moapa Nevada to sleep for a bit when my phone rang.  Micah told me the news.  Surreal.  I hadn't seen KT in a few years but we kept in contact through email.  I couldn't focus at school very well- which was bad timing.  Finals were coming up.  Ended up taking an incomplete in a class that I finished a year later.

One of my favorite memories of KT was a youth trip to the beach.  I was 12. I remember sitting in the back of somebody's van and giggling the whole way there about something, probably boys or nonsense. I picked at the fruit salad all the way home.  She was just fun and carefree.  That's not to say she didn't have worries- because she did.  But being with her I just felt better. A true, deep friend. Or the time we went to Marine World in Vallejo.  Really I can't recall details from much of our escapades but it was always a blast.  KT, Jessica and I went to see Everafter in the theatre and watched Now and Then at KT's house.  First taste of Pesto. 70's dresses.  Walks around town.  I never had to worry about my faults when I was with her.  We both had flaws and didn't care.  There were bigger things to worry about: like what flavor of ice cream we wanted.

I still think of her often.  Wonder what she's up to on the other side.  I know she's busy.  She's ALWAYS busy.  I bet she still has orange painted fingernails.

Love you KT.
Happy Birthday!


  1. Kim and KT are irrevocably connected to Thanksgiving for me. This is a beautiful remembrance of a beautiful girl.

  2. I had a friend pass about that long ago, as well. It's rough. I'm sorry.

  3. Chantelle and I were talking about her today at Enrichment night-and we both think of her every so often-I think that's her way of saying hi. I miss her cheerful attitude, and can do spirit! I remember working with her at Harry and David's during a summer-most fun I had there! She was working two jobs to save money for BYU. Not a word of complaint-even though she worked 60+ hours a week. I remember her most clearly when I think of Girls Camp-she loved it! I will always miss her-I'm so glad you wrote this post Maggie!

  4. what a beautiful post. Love you mags!