Monday, February 21, 2011

Infinity Dress

I think when I'm feeling more ambitious I will attempt THIS BABY!  Wouldn't it be SO fun?! Then I could really feel like I can thin out my wardrobe because I'd have options galore! I would lengthen the skirt more because I love a good long circle skirt that comes at least to my knees (or just below).  It would be perfect for after wee one number three is born. It's always hard to feel cute just after when you're still all squishy.  This would totally fix that. At least- maybe it'd help.  And think of the options!


  1. What an AMAZING piece to have in the wardrobe of fabulosity! DO IT! I'm thinking one black, one teal, in my closet and every other dress could find a new home...

  2. I agree Mom! (though mine would be one black and one RED) but it would totally work if you try the Project 333 challenge. I'm intrigued by it but not willing to try it just yet-- maybe after I get this dress done I will have the motivation to try :)

    For those of you interested: