Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Sean didn't have school today so he opted to come home for a little while instead.  It was so nice to see him more! While he played with the kiddos I finished this: 

Like my model in the background laying on the table so the clutch would stand up on its own? 
He's so helpful. 

I should have used a different color thread on the blue part and you can't see the gathered front because of the busy fabric but in person it looks a lot cooler. I'm excited.  1 project down a billion to go.  
If you're interested in making your own: I used THIS tutorial.
(PS those of you who took the craft challenge---someone might be getting one like this in the near future...) 


  1. That's awesome Maggie! You are great.

  2. That is so DANG cute!! And I love the festive new background for the blog.

  3. That is SO cute!! Good job :)

  4. I saw this tutorial and have been wanting to try it. That zipper is so hard to do. Props.

  5. Should I add the other "o"? Oh well. You get the point :)