Monday, January 10, 2011

Time to SLOOOOWW Down

Lately life has been a bit overwhelming.  We had an unexpected expense that tightens out financial belt a bit more.  This pregnancy with having two wee ones is tiring.  A blessing to be sure but tiring all the same.  My calling at church takes a lot of time (though less than others I've had).  Still in Limbo for jobs and housing and figuring out packing--- basically anything not in the immediate future of today.  

I keep thinking of the scripture "Be still and know that I am God." I'm ok at being still- when I want to sleep or read.  But being still in my core is much harder. 

Then I read a talk I love by President Dieter Uchdorf. Not president of the US--he's in the Church 1st Presidency.  He talks about trees and years when resources are scarce or times are hard because of fire or other things they slow down their growth and focus on the essentials for survival. As humans we often don't look at life that way.  We see more things we "need" to do and find ourselves overwhelmed by no other fault than our own.  I'm thinking I need to slow down.  I need to do less and just say NO.  I usually say "yeah sure I can do that" to anything and everyone just because it's easy.  I figure a way to get it done- so I'm not breaking my word- at my own expense.  I got sick yesterday and still went to church. It's just a sinus infection.  Should have stayed in bed.  Should have listened to the advice of my husband-  Hear that Sean YOU WERE RIGHT! Next time I will remember this.  I will. I'm still not sure WHAT slowing down and focusing on the essentials entails for me in my life right now but I'm working on it.  

So if I don't blog as much- it's probably because I'm focusing on OTHER things a little more vital to my every day existence.  Then again.  Maybe blogging is vital for ME. We'll see. 

Any of you ever feel the urge to just pull the plug and say "I'm not doing this anymore! Life isn't working the way I'm doing it so it's time to CHANGE THINGS" ?


  1. Woohoo! Now I don't have to have something to record with at just the right moment. It is there for all to see. I love you Beautiful. We'll get through this.

    word verification: corni. Coincidence, I think not.

  2. Caring for little people all day every day, and growing a new one, is Big Work. And keeping your Primary Relationship (partnership with Sean)strong when you each have so many fragments to manage is Most Important. Very little else cannot wait. It is way OK to say NO to every thing that is not absolutely necessary for you to accomplish the Most Important and Big Work of your life. I love you mucho much.

  3. I am the teachings for our times teacher in Relief Society and this is the talk our lesson is on this month. I read through it again last night and it makes me think I need to learn to prioritize things better and focus on the things that matter most as he said. I loved the example he gave of the pen and the astronauts...too funny!