Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I took this morning with a break in the weather to do some much needed cleanup around our yard.  Things that should have gotten put away months ago before the snow started flying were finally lugged down stairs.  Another day they'll all get a good cleanup. But for today my work is done.  So what got hauled down to Fraggle Rock?  (That's what we call our basement- though it would be MUCH more inviting with a bunch of muppets.  Maybe the muppeteers would be a bit much but it's the price you pay for singing fraggles.)
2 Bikes. One with front flat tire. The other with back flat tire.
1 Bike trailer. Evidently it's been out in the elements a bit long because the plastic on the front "window" cracked when I touched it.  Next trailer we'll save up and get a better quality one AND we'll bring it in BEFORE it snows.  Reading reviews this one is made with very low grade materials.  Live and Learn.
1 Double Jogging stroller.  Meant to bring it in a while ago but it got blowing snow on it and I didn't really want it melting in my house. Lame excuse huh?
1 blow up pool--- not dinky sized--- this one I've been putting off because it really needs a good scrubdown- but I don't want the plastic to end up like the bike trailer.
1 cooler- don't know why it was outside.  Long since forgotten.

Our yard looks much less trashy and I feel better about the things not getting TOTALLY ruined.

In side note: I really don't enjoy animals. Less so when they belong to other people.  Even less so when they encroach on my space.  Our neighbor that we share the back yard with has chickens, a rooster and now his roommate has acquired 2 rather large, LOUD (ugly) dogs that leave large droppings next to our strawberry plants.  I cannot begin to describe how grateful I will be to no longer share a backyard with such creatures.  Oh and the rooster is cooped up most of the day and the night in a rather small, in my opinion (but what do I know I'm not a chicken) coop with at least 6 other chickens.  There's a heat lamp to keep them all snug and cozy in there.  The drawback seems to be that the poor animal is extremely confused WHEN it is time to crow. (Gotta fly. Gotta crow. Gotta save Maggie and Jack...) His incessant cock-a-doodle-doing through the night and day is getting on my nerves.  I've heard it's against municiple code (what isn't) to have a rooster in city limits.  Maybe I'm just a killjoy and don't appreciate the country-ness of it all.  But I don't.  The other night the strange rooster noises outside my window led me to a very strange somewhat nightmare-ish dream about my grandparents house.  They too live in the city (much larger than Cache Valley) and they suffer from blind neighbor rooster syndrome too.  I think perhaps the best remedy is for me to live in a place where my neighbors and I share the same opinion of loud blind roosters OR perhaps more space between me and said rooster.
With that said.  Here's a little Rufio to lighten the mood. Mmm Never Foods.  All made out of frosting....


  1. The fact that you call your basement Fraggle Rock totally made my day. :-)

  2. Your neighbor is one crude, rude, piece of pre-hewed food, dude!

  3. HEEE HEE thanks for making me smile, and for making my husband burst into spontaneous chanting of RU-FI-OOOOOO

  4. I so wanted to be Rufeo (sp?). He was my favorite and was so sad when he croaked (much different than crowing).

  5. Calling the basement Fraggle Rock is simply the most brilliant thing I have ever heard.
    I had the biggest crush on Rufio when I was in 2nd grade. He was so pretty.