Tuesday, January 18, 2011


...wishing for husband's dream job to magically appear on the job posting sites.
...grateful the wee ones let me sleep a bit longer this morning and are mostly getting along-- no bruises yet.
...love hearing #2 talk: "Mor! Mor!" The kid ALWAYS wants more food.
...enjoying the sunshine and clear air.  Here's to hoping it'll last for the day.
...in my exercise clothes/jammies and have little to no plans of changing that.
...wondering where I can get boxes.
...a bit antsy to sort my belongings; what I love, and what I can live without. I'm ready.
...thinking about printing out pictures for my jewelry box/picture frame-- can't decide what theme.
...also thinking about the super weird dream I had about my grandparents remodeling their house-- all inspired by the blind rooster our neighbor has so thoughtfully placed in our back yard.
...now thinking about cock-a-leek-y soup. (Chicken and leeks and barley- soooo yummy)
...enjoying a non-rationed glass of milk.  I hate having to ration milk.


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  1. Glad you got a little more sleep and am hoping for that dream job too.