Friday, January 21, 2011

Animals and ABCs

Can you guess what this is?
TOW! (cow)

That's what Lando thinks this is.  He was so excited to see a picture of a horse that he got a smidge confused. His brother still has trouble with them sometimes.  He was also very excited to see a picture of his aunt this morning.  Evidently she's busy with school so we don't see her as often anymore. 
" Te-Te" is her name according to him. 
It's fun to watch and listen to him learning to speak.  So much easier to communicate.  When his brother was this age (and younger) he wanted to communicate SO badly. We taught him a few signs in ASL and it helped a lot.  The little brother never really felt the need to learn sign and we didn't push it so he's made do with speaking (or grunting). Some of the things he says now are: Pi-Pi (pickles) Talta (salsa) Dog, Tity (kitty) Tow (cow) NahNah (his cousin) NoNo, Up! (he's very enthusiastic about that one) Don! (gone- which is important  to know for food as well as people) Bok (blocks) Ticken (chicken) BarnBarn (Barney) Book, WaWa (drink- doesn't have to be water) Doc! (from the movie CARS) MayMay (Mater- also from the movie) Talty (Salty from Thomas the Train) Teddy (which is what he calls Chubby his bear and is the name of his brother's bear) Dood (good) Litis (delicious) Trown (crayon)
He is much more fun to communicate with now. 

In other news: His older brother is learning to write his name.  Good thing it's short.  He loves learning the letters of the alphabet and how to draw them by himself.  He's known the letters for quite a while and can associate them with different people like "O" is for Oma.  He can also write Mom and Dad. Mom is easy it's "UpDownUpDownUpDownUpDownUpDown- circle-UpDownUpDownUpDownUpDownUpDown"
He likes UpDown letters. M, N, W, A (that one is "UpDown Tross it) 


  1. ah so cute. thats awesome he is writing already! I have just recently realized I havent been helping kade with anything educational on purpose... So we have started doing his ABC puzzle book together. He knows that h is for granny H b is for granny b a is for amanda and n is for egg ;) (it has a picture of a nest with eggs in it lol)

  2. Hey! I need to send you something home made, but I don't know where to send it, or should I say, THEM. I hope you like children. I made them myself. ;)

    Just kidding. But seriously, I need to make good on my promise to send something handcrafted to you. Email me and let me know: eliseylinna (at) hotmail (dot) com.

    You'll be glad you did. I promise it won't be anything crocheted or with my same genes.

  3. I love "litis". It's my favorite to listen to toddlers babble in their own language.