Monday, December 20, 2010

Remembering A Fallen Warrior

Last week we had the chance to go to Farmington NM to honor SFC Jim Thode who was Sean's Squad Leader for a while.  It was an emotional day for all of us. Also knowing my brother in law is still over there in Afghanistan lays a shadow on life and we'll await his safe return home before we really can breathe freely again. Sgt. Thode was a good man in every way.  He had his faults like we all do- but where it really counts with his family and friends and brothers in uniform- he was among the best of the best. We won't soon forget.

Two Ladder Fire Trucks flying the Stars and Stripes for Jim Thode
After the funeral service all the police and military personnel stood at attention to honor their fallen brother as the casket was loaded into the hearse. 
The blonde in the right corner is actually Sean's cousin. But I had never met her before so I didn't know.  Her husband was on the police force with Thode.
The view of the flag from where I was in the crowd outside the church. 

Sean and Cat were able to meet up with a friend from when they were all in the  Blanding Unit together. 
Police and soldiers say their final goodbye.  Fellow cops laid their white dress gloves on the coffin to honor Sgt. Thode.

Saying goodbye.

And Thank You. 
There was a good article in the Farmington Newspaper about the services. You can check it out here

This song is forever changed for me:

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  1. thanks for the posting of these photos and this videos. love it.