Monday, December 6, 2010


I'm not very good at the game of Limbo.
Even worse when they do it at the roller rink 
(who can go low and not fall on their butt when wearing skates?)
Not the best at it in life either.

Life feels a bit like limbo right now.  
More like the Catholic version of limbo rather than the game. 
There will be a funeral soon for SFC James Thode who was in Sean's Unit- the one my brother in law is currently serving in (my sister in law also served in that unit). He was killed in action last week in Afghanistan. 
It's so sad.
Hard to wrap my brain around. 
He was such a good man. 
Thought the funeral would be this week but may be this weekend.  Waiting and not knowing is hard. Though I can't begin to imagine how hard this is for his dear wife and two children. 
 It's like waiting for the OK to grieve. Kinda sucks. 

Then there's the other part of Limbo.
We'll be moving this summer.
Don't know when. Or what job we'll get (though we're crossing our fingers for a recent find). Or where we will live--other than the town. Don't know what to pack or what to chuck. Or when to pack. I've never been very good at moving or change.  Though with 20 something moves under my belt you would think I'd have the hang of it by now.  But now I have a whole household not just me and my junk. 
We're beginning the part people call "real life" where we aren't students anymore and have to figure out how to make a living (and pay off student loans) and all that it entails.

And our beloved Nena is in the worst shape yet since we've had her. Makes me sad. I don't want to think about having to give her up but we're not made of money (who is?) but we have to try and think about future possibilities in regards to cars. Limbo again. 

That is pretty much it. 
We're all doing well but it feels a bit like the Waiting Place from Dr. Seuss. 


  1. I agree. Just waiting is no fun. Interestingly, I made a comment about the waiting place when at the mall. We went downstairs, because the boys had seen the "Mini Express" go by and wanted to see it. So...we were waiting for the train to come. It took a while too.

  2. Wow!! I remember Limbo.
    I am so sorry about SFC Thode. It kind of makes it more real when the people making the ultimate sacrifice are people you know!!

    Please let the "Job" be here!!
    Sending Love into your Limbo

  3. I am sorry. But I very much know how you feel. I am very much in limbo right now. and I am in it all alone. no fun.