Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas won't be Christmas....

...Without Nat King Cole... grumbled Jo lying on the rug....

At least that's how *I* feel.  I love his voice: soothes my soul.

We started decorating after Family Night on Monday: See?
 I love our family of snowmen stockings. 
Yes they are huge. 
Yes they are homemade. 
No I did not make them.
My wonderful Mommy made them.
We had big ol' stockings like these growing up and Oma has lovingly passed the tradition on. 
I kind of love our wee bitty tree too (which probably looks tiny next to the stockings). 
I love that I don't have to worry about the tree and the kids and whatever disasters that could bring. I don't have to water it. I don't even have to restring the lights every year; simply fold them in with the branches and put away.  Some day maybe we'll go back to live trees- haven't had one since I've been married.  But for now I love our little tree.  Also there's no need to feel like I have to stuff the bottom of the tree with presents- which is good on many levels.  Here's a reminder of the reason for the season:


  1. Our tree does look mighty small next to the ginormous stockings. Nat King Cole is good, as long as he's not singing O Tannenbaum.

  2. I even like that one for sentimental reasons. Though I can fully appreciate how awful it is knowing German.

  3. I watched the Mary Did you know video a few short hours ago just surfing you tube for some Christmas music to listen to. That is so funny that you'd pick out that same video too! It's a good one. I love that song.

    I think your Christmas tree is perfect. I haven't decided about what to do with the whole Christmas tree thing. I don't think I feel like chasing Kinley around all day and worrying if she'll tip it over on her.

    I love the snowmen stockings your mom made. They are adorable!

  4. I am so happy to see the snowfamily all together. I think ginormous stockings are the perfect complement to a smallish tree. Ho Ho Ho.