Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve Nativity

Wise Man pictured here driving a bus to visit Baby Jesus with Lazy Eyed Shepherd driving Mater.  Everyone worships the Savior differently.  (In the back are Joseph holding Baby Jesus and Mary. )
Here's the Holy Family: Joseph keeping watch while Mary comforts Baby Jesus.  Notice Wise Man's bus. Don't know where he went- but he left his bus. 

Shepherd and his Sheep (see my ear?) self portrait.

Our Angel even played the Piano for us!

Shepheard was found hijacking the camera and playing paparazzi.  Here's another self portrait. 

A Couple of Wise Men getting ready to go see the Baby Jesus.  The little Wise Man traded his bus in for a Hudson Hornet :)

And here's our other Shepherd as captured by Paparazzi Shepherd. 

This was our page turner/audience. He didn't want to dress up- but seeing his stylish Christmas sweater (from South America? right Bonnie?) I can see why.  He didn't need a costume. He had the whole scene right there! (Photo courtesy of Paparazzi Shepherd)

Here we have Page Turner in a lovely Christmas Hat. 
 (Photo courtesy of Paparazzi Shepherd)
And here it was Page Turner's turn to play Paparazzi for a minute.  Pictured here is Shepherd after he got fired from the Sheep Job for losing the sheep while he was busy taking pictures. 

This is a tribute photo for Aunt Christie.  She has multiple foot shots in her collection and I thought perhaps she'd be proud to see what her nephew had done.  Photo courtesy of Page Turner. 

And last but not least Paparazzi Shepherd did get one thing right.  Here's the reason for the season. 


  1. Hahaha... These are adorable, and the captions made me giggle. Merry Christmas! :)

  2. Giggle? I have been to many a Nativity reenactment but none made me laugh like this one. Priceless. "Everyone worships the Savior differently" Amen.

  3. love it maggie you are such an amazing person. thanks for brightening my life. I really need it :)