Sunday, November 7, 2010

Meet Mags

This is what Magnolia and I made the other day:
Isn't it so cute! I *LOVE* it. Alas. I have boys. Though I did try it on Landon just for sizing purposes of course. (Couldn't find my camera at the time so the pictures are on Sean's phone...)
I made this for a Festival of Trees Christmas tree. It's a fundraiser for Primary Children's Medical Center
My friend is decorating a tree with little girl things in honor of her sweet little baby,  Avalee, who spent time at Primary Children's before she died. 
I love the little sun dress (though if I did have a girl I would put tights and a long sleeve onesie on her and she'd be wearing it to church today regardless of the weather.) I learned a new technique (new to me): SHIRRING
It's pretty cool. My friend made a dress for her little girl a while back and said it was super easy. 
She was SO right! 

Are you wondering who Magnolia is?
Well blogosphere meet my little Magnolia:
Say Hi Mags. 
See that wasn't so scary was it?

Magnolia is my new beautiful sewing machine. (If you couldn't tell)
My Mom sent her via Amazon to me for my birthday (which is coming up at the end of the month if you want to get me something.)
My other sewing machine I've had for the last 14 years went Kaputt just before Halloween. I wan't super excited for my first one. It was a Kenmore (not that I knew what anything meant- I just knew it was a sewing machine.)
I was 12. (maybe I was 13...Mom do you remember?) I was hoping for a boom box. (aka a stereo) It was not a boom box and being 12 I was disappointed. BUT my dear sewing machine grew on me and I loved her. We made all kinds of things together- though I never thought to give her a name- silly me. Fond memories of Homecoming dress up weeks and halloween and random experiment shirts and other fun things. RIP Kenmore. I will love you always for being my first and for teaching me to be fearless when it comes to sewing. 

So I'm excited. THANKS MOM!
 Hope all my wildest dreams will come true. (I did vote for Pedro ya know.)


  1. the dress is super duper cute!

  2. I think you were turning 13...and there was some YW project coming up that required a sewing machine...but it could have been 12. Or 14. My brain rounds the sharp edges off of memories more and more with every passing year.

  3. Oh it's so cute Maggie! I couldn't live without my sewing machine and mine is just the cheapo $90.00 wal-mart one but it still works wonders! Happy, happy birthday to you by the way! I hope you get lots of pickles.;0) Just kidding.

  4. I want to try this. I guess McKay would make a good sample body for sizing. But not sure what I would do with a dress because we got the same problem.

  5. SOooo adorable! I got my first sewing machine from my Grandma for my wedding!! It was pretty exciting. I want to learn that technique "Sherring?"!!! Such a cute dress. Wish we could get together and SEW!!!

  6. Thanks guys.
    Christina- you should do it- it feels good to make cute stuff- you could always give it away or get a teddy bear to dress up :)


    have good how to's.