Thursday, November 4, 2010

Costumes 2010

Ian insisted we all go as trains from Thomas and Friends. Sounded great. Until my sewing machine broke. I hand stitched a lot of the pieces so they wouldn't get ripped off. (Now I can reinforce them with my super uber cool birthday present.  More on that later. THANKS MOM!)

Do you see why they chose the characters they did? It's like 101 Dalmations where the dogs look like their owners and vice versa.  Landon has that chubby cheek smile like James and Ian has the wide tooth and eyebrow thing going like Thomas. Funny how that worked. 

The boys sometimes like to make goofy faces: (Landon "cheesing" for the camera) 

 Last but not least the parental units: This is what we had on hand. 
A hick and a pirate. 

Happy Belated Halloween. Next year we hope to be less humbug. 


  1. Cute kid pix are good anytime - belated or not. And ya'll look like characters sent directly from Central Casting. Well done!

  2. I love the costumes!! Good job! I tried to call the other day!! Miss your guts.

  3. tell sean the point of halloween is to dress up!