Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blank Book Anyone?

I have collected a few journals over the years:

This is my most recent addition:

They are filled with all sorts of wisdom- especially the ones from the teenage years. PAH! Hopefully I never become famous so they can't be published posthumously. But the empty pages call to me.  I have to fill them with things; lists, rants, raves, and pure nonsense.  I can't explain the lure.  Perhaps it is connected to my fondness for new pens.  I don't mind feeding that addiction. 


  1. Dude. I have SO MANY. SO MANY. One contains a list of all the dances I danced with one particular boy. Song, slow or fast, who asked, date, etc. I rock.

  2. oh I totally understand! my most recent is wonder woman ;). I have filled quite a few. but my recent journal writing has just been letters to ronnie so they are going in a binder. I dont see a point in writing things down twice...

  3. LOVE the pink & lime! Fill 'er up. Hmmm. Perhaps your addiction is influenced by genetics...