Thursday, October 28, 2010


After 2 days homebound with a sick child I feel nothing can grasp the feeling better than a little Seinfeld. 

Love the boy(s). Really I do.  No sleep and whining children for days makes Mama go nutso!

PS- Grandparents- fear not it is just a cold.

PPS- Ian is now in the background yelling "Trenity NOW!" Oops. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I should be beaming with pride that he (or perhaps his brother who is currently napping) invented airbags right?

  That he cares so much for his little wooden guy with no face that he makes sure he is well protected in case of a head on collision is endearing, no?
(It seems like he knew the crash was going to happen.  Woah!)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Gerald Merl Wittwer

How do you describe emotions at a funeral?  All over the place?  Happy. Sad. Longing. Learning. 

Grandpa Wittwer was a good man.  He was a hard worker.  He loved bees. 
 Too bad his kids hated them.
Didn't stop his love for good honey.  
He loved to travel.  
He loved God.  
He loved my Grandma.  Of this I am SURE. 
 He loved to sing. 
 I will always think fondly of him walking around the house humming to himself. 
He would wind up the grandfather clock (and a few others) every Sunday.  
He carried a stepstool in his big ol' truck for my little ol' grandma.  
He loved bacon and eggs and toast every Saturday morning.  
He loved watching Lawrence Welk (probably for the singing).  
He loved war movies.  
He liked essays to be "like a girl's skirt: short enough to be interesting but long enough to cover the subject." 
He loved to garden. 
And loved (or at least always had) zipper ties. 
 He rarely made it all the way through a joke without laughing at the punchline before he told it.  
(My dad does the same thing- and so does Sean.)  
He knew his neighbors.  How many of us can say that now? 
 He liked to go for walks in the morning.  
He always took care of the snakes for grandma (she HATES snakes). 
 He kept his underwear in the bathroom not his dresser (makes sense doesn't it?).  
He loved sports and BYU.  
His heart has always been in Mesquite. 
When he was asked why he and my grandma were moving back to Mesquite- his reply was, "To die."  He was in tune with the Spirit and always felt Mesquite to be his home.  I wonder what place will feel like that to me.  Cedar City and Blanding feel a lot like home.  Visalia has changed so much but the area I grew up in will always be one of my homes.  
Below is the land in Switzerland that my ancestors called home: 
Then the land that my grandparents call home: Mesquite/Bunkerville:
Grandpa was buried in Bunkerville. 
Parents, grandparents and great grandparents are all buried in this little cemetery:
These are my great-great-grandparents (my Grandpa's grandparents) 
Grandpa is buried near them. 

This is the memorial for Dudley Leavitt.  Not sure how many greats he is. 

Matt and I got Grandma a vase of Tab and lifesavers to let her know we love her.  
(Mostly it was Matt's idea).  
Grandpa's last and biggest concern was that Grandma would be taken care of.  Once we was assured that she would be he could move on.  

Love you Grandpa.  We'll miss you and your cranky ways and silly jokes.  
We'll make sure Grandma is cared for. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blank Book Anyone?

I have collected a few journals over the years:

This is my most recent addition:

They are filled with all sorts of wisdom- especially the ones from the teenage years. PAH! Hopefully I never become famous so they can't be published posthumously. But the empty pages call to me.  I have to fill them with things; lists, rants, raves, and pure nonsense.  I can't explain the lure.  Perhaps it is connected to my fondness for new pens.  I don't mind feeding that addiction. 

Always Kiss Goodnight

My Aunt snapped this a few days before my Grandpa passed.  
I remember visiting with them once and Grandpa was headed to the grocery store and before he left on that little errand he came back to give Grandma a kiss.  It touched me to see the tenderness then as it touches me now. 
Death is not the end to love.  I know he will greet Grandma with a kiss when they see each other again.  

Saturday, October 2, 2010


So- I just got an email:


No not the Idaho lottery (who would drive to Preston for a lotto ticket? Not me- that's all I'm sayin')

I won the most beautiful luscious ruffle fabric! Out of 555 people! Heck in my mind that's WAY BETTER than winning the lottery! I will have a cute new skirt for my birthday date (hint hint Sean: Birthday DATE....better start planning!) ..... I hope and pray it is not somehow a scam and eveyone else got the same email...then I might cry. So just to refresh you. THIS is the fabric/skirt.   Ahh. What a lovely email.
Thank you Katy and Julie who made it happen (and the random magic number generator!)

Friday, October 1, 2010

UP and DOWN- UP and DOWN

Has anyone seen Pete's Dragon?  That's too bad- you won't get the post.  It's what's running through my mind right now (which is a bit odd since I haven't actually watched it in over a year).  There's a scene where Pete is helping paint the lighthouse and the grandpa guy, Lampie, played by none other than the Mickey Rooney (thanks comes over and reminds him to paint "UP and DOWN, UP and DOWN." Then they all break into song about it's a brazzle frazzle day...yadda yadda yadda.

My Grandpa's health has been UP and DOWN, UP and DOWN.  Right now we're on an upswing but I hope and pray it stays that way.  I'm having a hard time with the good news/bad news pattern we have going.  It's emotionally draining.  Just ask Sean- he has to deal with me.  So that's where things stand.  I keep feeling like it's been the longest week...and then I have to remind myself- the longest 5 days.

Love ya Grandpa. Love you Grandma. Hang in there.  Maybe we'll all break into song next.