Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just so I don't forget...

Things to Blog about:
-Cat's Baby Shower (Buttons, Daisies and cousins fighting)
-Impromptu Camping trip
-4 Wheelin'
-Nena Before Labor Day
-Nena After Labor Day (with a few cool new tools)
-"Tank dee we dot to doe in Aunt Trish's Mustang" (Nena's Jealousy)
-Hot dogs over the fire (coals on the ground oops)
-Bears and dogs (not hot dogs this time)
-Sweet Baby Nephew
-How to avoid traffic (to and from holiday)
-Boys locking each other in cages (baby shower and camping)
-Home sweet home- Crazy messy but our own beds :) (also Home FUTURE home...)

Until next time. CIAO!

1 comment:

  1. Holy mackerel! You guys cram a lot of living into a short few days. I guess that makes up for the weeks of blog silence. I look forward to complete details...