Tuesday, September 28, 2010

To everything there is a season.

My heart is heavy today and I'm exhausted.

I may not blog (or I may spew forth blogs in an attempt at clearing my head).  My grandpa is in the hospital and is very sick.  This news came to me as our family was preparing for a funeral of another grandparent- Sean's step-grandma.  Emotions are fragile and I think I cried more than some at Grandma Pat's funeral.  She was such a spunky lady that it's kind of hard for me to think of her in past tense.  Especially because I know she lives on.  She is with her beloved and yet is separated from others she loves who care for her deeply, mainly I'm thinking of Devon- her husband and Sean's grandpa.  I haven't slept well since I got the news of my grandpa being sick and I don't know when restful sleep will come again.  I know trials are all a part of this mortal existence and I know that's exactly why we came here-to be tried and to grow.  But sometimes I think it sucks.  I am deeply grateful for family- those we are born into and those we adopt along the way.

I hope and pray that Grandpa will get well.  But I know it is all in the Lord's hands whatever happens.  My heart aches for my dear sweet grandma who is scared and stuck with the rest of us waiting and praying and hoping that she can keep her sweetheart with her a little longer.

So if there is blog silence you know why.

And if I write blogs that don't seem to make sense- you also know why.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010



Tuesdays with Morrie

Random thoughts on a Wednesday morning.  Like Tuesdays's with Morrie only it's Wednesday with Maggie and there's not really a good moral or anything.  Just random goodness.

"It's like the Island of Sodor!"  Yeah kid.  Our weird blue carpet is kinda like that little British Island....only it's not.  But that's ok.  You have a good imagination.  Bravo.

While holding little brother by the hand, "Come wit me Lanon toe you won't break my train track." Pretty cute and much better than smacking the little one while yelling, "NO LANON DON'T BREAK IT! MOOOOOM!"

Normal things become much cooler when you label them as AN ADVENTURE! Our latest adventure includes a trip to the local Zoo and park with a picnic.  It was a wonderful adventure.  We even heard tortoise flatulence--but at least he wasn't chasing the other tortoise this time.  My kids understand flatulence (we blame it on big spiders in our house) but the making of little tortoise babies they don't quite get yet and I don't know if I'm ready for that discussion.  The crazy hair cranes were loud (at least I think it was them squawking- whenever we got near them there was not a peep).  One little boy was there with his grandpa and he kept asking the grandpa when they would see the elephants and giraffes and bears.  Poor grandpa had to explain they don't have those at this zoo.  (C'mon kid- you paid .50 cents to get in!) But we have lots of birds and a porcupine---though I don't think it's the albino one.  Wonder what happened to him....

Migraines make everything less fun.  Such as eating.  One of my favorite pastimes.  Though I did get to participate in our daily dining table ritual.  
"Ian how's your _______?" 
"Dood. How your Mom?"
"How's your __________ Landon?"
"Daddy how yo?"

Cameras should not be forgotten on adventures....alas ours was.  I think maybe I should get a smaller one that I can just keep in my purse. Hm.

Rocking chairs should be shopped for.  That means a lot of sitting and rocking and little to no buying.

Girl's night out is a FANTASTIC holiday :) I'm looking forward to it.

Snail mail is better- if slower. Fmail (mail messaging on Facebook) is fast.  But not always better.

Bills paid in a timely manner bring peace.

So does chocolate.

And aliens.  Ya know the whole, "I. come. in. peace." thing.

On which note; as a scrawny brother of Napoleon once said, "Peace out." V

Friday, September 17, 2010


Disclaimer: This is probably the worst picture of me on the blog.  I hope anyway. Otherwise there are worse ones....that need to be deleted.  
See my owie? (And my sad face?)

Nena bit me.  At least that's the explaination I'm giving.  Not sure why-PMS (Pretty Moody Syndrome)- Jealousy (the mustang is GONE Nena!) or maybe it was just the slight angle I was parked at.  
There I was minding my own business- doing a little thrift shopping (what can I say? I love a good hunt for a great bargain). I parked.  I opened the door and stepped out and 
WHAM! Nena hit me in the face with her door.
  I am grateful that 
A) it's not worse 
B) I didn't pass out 
C) that I was within blocks of my house so I could drive home 
D) that I did NOT chip a tooth and 
E) that we have super glue and prescription Ibuprofen. 
 Perhaps it was one of those count your blessings incidents.  

I do feel a bit self conscious about the whole thing (so why am I posting it online?? Sympathy people!). It hurts but is definitely healing already. Maybe I'll get a cool scar and a nickname like Viper- or something. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Can you guess what today is?


As deemed by the big brother. Nummy raisins.  A Healty Anytime Food :)

It's good for the young ones to have mentors this early on. 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thursday and Today

First off: Here are some cute boys.

Cousins enjoying some time together.  I love it.

Then here's our latest project.  I'm so excited I can't even wait until it's decorated to show you: 

A shelf in my kitchen with a hook for hanging a fruit basket.  Oy. Perfect.  I know it looks rather blah at the moment but it brings me such glee I had to share.  

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I know- I know.

Blog silence forever.

Then a gagillion blog posts.

That's how I roll.

I clean my house the same way.

Here's a few pictures to hold you over for a while.

Ian Loves to Build: 

He even gets his Aunt involved:

(they're both looking at Sean who is taking a shot with his phone)

When he's not building- Ian likes to take pictures:

Mommy tries to get the boys to cooperate for a photo op:

(had to sneak up on them to get this one)

(#2 is growling and #1 is yelling.  Typical.)

Then we have today's lunch time photo shoot:
(Big brother is still napping)

Ooooh- Yellow

Request: I want one of THESE for my door.

I LOVE the yellowness.  So bright and cheery (especially for a rainy day like today)

Who wantsta make it for me??? 

Thanks. That is so thoughtful of you! 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just so I don't forget...

Things to Blog about:
-Cat's Baby Shower (Buttons, Daisies and cousins fighting)
-Impromptu Camping trip
-4 Wheelin'
-Nena Before Labor Day
-Nena After Labor Day (with a few cool new tools)
-"Tank dee we dot to doe in Aunt Trish's Mustang" (Nena's Jealousy)
-Hot dogs over the fire (coals on the ground oops)
-Bears and dogs (not hot dogs this time)
-Sweet Baby Nephew
-How to avoid traffic (to and from holiday)
-Boys locking each other in cages (baby shower and camping)
-Home sweet home- Crazy messy but our own beds :) (also Home FUTURE home...)

Until next time. CIAO!