Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What's with TODAY today?


It has been one of THOSE days.




It's only 1:30 pm too.


First I decided to go running. Yay me.  My sister graciously watched the nephews while I ran.  Did the whole mile and a half ON MY OWN! (which is SO much harder than with a partner--Sean I missed you MUCHO today)

Then got home, showered and whatnot.  Boy-child the first decides it would be a good idea (or at least fun) to stick his hand in his *ahem* nasty diaper.  He then goes into the bathroom to flush his work down the toilet. So I go change the kiddo.  Then I see the tub. Smeared. With poo.  So I clean it up. Then it's naptime.  Then I see the puzzle box..... also smeared with poo.  Clean that up (BTW my patience is long gone by this point) Come back in have the kid choose a book but before he gets to the shelf I notice a blob on the floor.  Yep.  More poo.  *SO GROSS* I want this kid potty trained and to not deal with POO any more! This is why I don't want pets.  At least kids have their redeeming qualities.  Don't ask me what they are right now.  But they have them.  I know they do.  I love those little rugrats even if they are playing in the bedroom instead of napping.  At least there are no tears yet... well except maybe mine. :)

Happy Wednesday everyone.


  1. It is so one of those days for me too!!! AHHH.
    Why isn't it a weekend??
    Love you

  2. Oh man you gotta love it! I just finished baby sitting my niece's baby today and she screamed for a half hour for her mom which made McKinley cry and scream because she was crying and screaming. I could've sworn that half hour was more like 5 hours!