Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I love the smell of Shoe Stores....

(they remind me of back to school)

-Missing the "back to school magic"- I miss school.  I miss a good excuse for new pens and a cute shirt.
-Charmed by the little giggle monster in the high chair.  He's laughing for some unknown reason and I love it. I also love that he has random little snaggle teeth and that he wrinkles his eyes like Daddy when he smiles.
-Thinking about baby #3- no I'm not pregnant-this is not an announcement- just thinking.  I just am feeling like maybe there is one more for our family but am scared about the timing of it all (as in will I ever be "ready" for #3? I don't want to stretch myself too thin and as it is I feel overwhelmed and would like to enjoy the kiddos I have while they're still kiddos.  Ya know?)
-Excited about new jammies for the boys.  They needed them.
-Can't believe numero Uno is 3 already.
-Looking forward to fall.  Strange since "summer" in Logan is mild- but I'm looking forward to a change in seasons and change in my wardrobe.  Not looking forward to winter.
-A little homesick for Cedar City. With my baby sister starting college I think about when I started college and aside from feeling old because not everybody had cell phones and laptops (we had calling cards and mosterously huge computers) and we actually had to turn in our electronic copy on FLOPPY disc and the dorms I lived in have now been demolished and replaced by fancy new ones... Aside from that I miss the fond memories I have of Cedar City.  Perhaps they are rose colored memories but I will always hold a special place in my heart for SUU and Cedar City.
-Looking ahead to the future and wondering what it will hold.  Sean graduates soon and then it's off to "real life" DunDunDUN!  Scary and thrilling at the same time.  Like psyching yourself out for a good rollercoaster ride.
-Glad I had a good day with boychild the first- fitting since it IS his birthday.
-Grateful I have milk in the fridge.  I love milk.  Mmm Cold Creamy Goodness.
-Done with this blog for today.  Wish I had more wisdom and witty anecdotes to share. But I don't.  I'll quit while I'm ahead.

<3 Mags

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What's with TODAY today?


It has been one of THOSE days.




It's only 1:30 pm too.


First I decided to go running. Yay me.  My sister graciously watched the nephews while I ran.  Did the whole mile and a half ON MY OWN! (which is SO much harder than with a partner--Sean I missed you MUCHO today)

Then got home, showered and whatnot.  Boy-child the first decides it would be a good idea (or at least fun) to stick his hand in his *ahem* nasty diaper.  He then goes into the bathroom to flush his work down the toilet. So I go change the kiddo.  Then I see the tub. Smeared. With poo.  So I clean it up. Then it's naptime.  Then I see the puzzle box..... also smeared with poo.  Clean that up (BTW my patience is long gone by this point) Come back in have the kid choose a book but before he gets to the shelf I notice a blob on the floor.  Yep.  More poo.  *SO GROSS* I want this kid potty trained and to not deal with POO any more! This is why I don't want pets.  At least kids have their redeeming qualities.  Don't ask me what they are right now.  But they have them.  I know they do.  I love those little rugrats even if they are playing in the bedroom instead of napping.  At least there are no tears yet... well except maybe mine. :)

Happy Wednesday everyone.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Warning: No pictures in this post--they will come later--as in when I get around to it.


Have you missed me?

Yeah I know. I haven't blogged in weeks.

I'm probably at the bottom of your list of blog friends because I haven't updated in a while.  Ce la vie.

Well. I hadn't gone running since the last post (oy! July30th really?!) Today I thought I could use a little jog.  HA. To those of you who thought I couldn't run a mile and a half after a two week absence from the "sport" BOO YAH! I did it. No stopping. A slight pause here and there to fix my mp3 player--apparently when I switched files on it the cord got disconnected (by a certain almost 3 year old) and right in the middle of track 4 it switches to H.G. Welles Time Machine.  Great story.  Hard to run to though.  Hence the pausing to remedy the situation.

Going backwards now:  Last weeks highlights:
Friday: Birthday party for Ian at the park.  I may never host a party at my house again! It was SO nice to have breathing room and visiting space and RUNNING area for the kiddos (my two boys and their two cousins)- It's a good thing we live so close to the park because we had to keep running home to get stuff we forgot. (I *knew* I should have made a list before hand.)

Thursday: Timmay's Birthday.  Shout out to the old one. Went to Idaho to find my little (though taller) brother.  It was an adventure to be sure.  Matt gave us some cool loot and Christie and I got "hit on" by some college freshmen---he must not have seen my kids in the back seat and my Dad driving.... oh well.  I get Bonus points for still being a hottie.  Joking...kinda. PS- I say "hit on" because the poor kid had a weak attempt but he was feeling brave because he spoke up instead of his buddy.  "So, What're you ladies up to?" to which I coolly replied, "Um, sitting in the back of the truck," with a DUH look on my face.  Really.  That's all we were doing.  But we WERE near the boys' dorms so maybe it looked like we were trying to get noticed.  Either way I'm pretty sure he was a good 6-8 years younger than me.  Pretty hilarious.  We got a kick out of that one.

Wednesday: Take down camp.  Head home from camping up on Beaver Mountain with my Dad and the gang.  Phew.  I think I'm STILL worn out.

Tuesday: Head up the mountain for some family camping. Good times.  Great campfire.  Nice bathrooms.  Little sister slept in the back of the truck.  Dad thought we were redneck about sleeping in the truck.  Oh well.  It's fun.  It's who we are.  And my neck isn't red so I don't mind :)  We didn't sleep much due to Ian getting sad in the middle of the night.  So truck sleepover with Aunt Tristie was over.  Sleeping on the ground is much more enjoyable with a good air mattress.

Monday:  Is it bad I can't remember Monday?

Sunday: Dad and Sherry came to church with us (they managed 3 sacrament meetings that day-- oh man that's alotta church).  Hung out at the Hawkin's (Sherry's parents) that evening.  Much visiting and the boys had Grandpa wrapped around their little fingers from the second we stepped in the door.  Oh yeah! And this was the loverly day that the Jetta broke. :*(  Her door latch busted a spring.  So we ghetto tied the door shut and drove like that for 5 days until the new part got here on Friday.

Saturday the last: Pack up camp and head down the mountain.

Friday:  Ward Campout up at Beaver Mountain.  The clouds opened up and God said, "I hate you Alfalfa!"  Ok.  Not really.  But the clouds did open up on us.  We weren't sure if we wanted to stay but when the storm passed we decided to stick it out.  Glad we did. Wish more people hadn't been scared off by the weather.

I don't really remember much before that so you'll just have to fill in the missing time with your own version of our Grand Adventures!