Monday, July 12, 2010

My training thus far...

"Training" for a 5k is harder than it sounds.
In all honesty I'm not training so much as trying to get my lazy body to move once in a while.  I'm no Olympian but I don't really want to be either.  So there.
This morning my lovely sister watched the boys so I could jog at the track (I don't actually like taking the stroller to the track).  My original intent was to see how far I could run.  I changed my mind once I got there.  Instead I did 60/90-- 60 seconds of running followed by 90 seconds of walking. 10 sets.  OY! At first I thought "Hm...more rest time than running time--I've got this in the bag."  Not so my friends. Not so.  But I did it and that's what really matters.  That and I got a little sun too without really meaning to.  Bonus.
Running will never be swimming.  I know that.  I miss swimming.  But swimming is harder to fit into the schedule.  So for now I will run.  September is our 5k and I am determined to beat my time from last year. 45:40. It's hard to believe I could even make my body run for 45 minutes ever.


  1. It will come just keep working! Its so much harder to get in shape after having a kid! I am a little worried about how hard it will be to get into shape after number 2 lol. It was really good to see you guys!

  2. Thanks Cat. Had the kid over a year ago though :) It was really good to see you too. And remember Round is a shape... Circle. Oval, Sphere. I like all kinds of shapes :)

  3. Go you! that's totally the way to start too. Whenever I start to run I push myself too hard and then I either hurt too much to continue or have to stop for long periods of time because I did something stupid to a muscle. Slow and steady.