Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Head Up

 This could easily be good advice for all walks of life but today it was my running mantra.  As long as I keep my head up I'm not as tired.  It also provides decent distraction from the pain and fatigue. 
 Silly.  Simple. Yet it works. 

Good idea:  Running after dinner with the boys.
Bad Idea: Running into a Lion's den after dinner with the boys.

Ok so this didn't happen but I always loved the "Good Idea- Bad Idea" sketch from Animaniacs.  
That show is classic.  Ahh.
 And Wacko would easily fit in with my boys.

 "I'm not wearing any pants! Zazoo!" 


  1. You crack me up! Potty training is the perfect time for no pants. And the Animiacs Guide to Child Rearing could be the next big thing! Worked for me.

  2. Yes- but they just don't wear pants ever- potty training or not. But it's summer and they usually still have diapers or something on.

  3. To my Darling Maggie
    I am quite upset with you!
    I have had the Animaniacs song stuck in my head all morning!! Do you think Bill Clinton still plays the Sacs??
    In your honor I will strive to give my next two posts song titles...ya know...Just to return the favor!!
    Ha Ha

  4. I *LOVE* Animaniacs- I'd much rather have that in my head than "Dead Ant Dead Ant DeadAntDeadAntDeadAntDeadAntDead-AAAAaaant!" Ian's new favorite thing is Pink Panther. Could be worse I suppose. I'm looking forward to your upcoming posts :)

  5. I have done my first song title post for ya. For some reason all my latest posts are not showing up on peoples side bars!!
    Just FYI

  6. LOVE WACKO! possibly one of the most underrated cartoons of it's time. So much humor, so little known.

    WV: Swarr. as in "I swarr there was a rabbit in that thar hole!"