Friday, July 16, 2010


I hate sweating.  I really do.  Why is it that when I'm working out I'm not so sweaty but the second I stop my body decides it needs to be doing something and breathing isn't enough I have to sweat profusely too. Yuck.  But tonight was a good workout. 2 miles. 10 sets of 60/90.  Sean is a good workout partner; I don't push myself near as much as I do when he's there.  Sad thing is- it doesn't push him so much.  He's naturally in much better shape than I am.  Oh well.  I'm proud of the fact that it's getting easier.  My knees were a little tight tonight and that worries me a little.  As if I really NEED anything to worry about.  :)  So at least we got out tonight.  Time for a cold shower to wash off all this icky sweat and a little water to drink while I watch one more episode of LOST.  We're up to Season 3 now.  About a third of the way through.  I'm loving the drama and the characters.  I don't really care a whole lot if it ends without tying up any of the strings.  It feels like a book the way the characters are coming out.  Anyway. Back to my water.  And LOST.  Good night folks.

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