Monday, July 19, 2010

Chamber Maid

We have embarked yet again into potty training.  This time we got the wee one his own potty frog.  It looks like this:

A glorified chamber pot.  But whatever.  Maybe he'll be a little more motivated this go around.  He has already christened it with numero uno and was very pleased with himself.  Wish me luck.  All words of encouragement and advice are much anticipated....hint hint.


  1. ha ha tell him kade does it lol. not that kade does it like I want him to but competition may be a motivator.

  2. Yeah.....Ummmmm...
    I Got Nothing!!
    Good Luck

  3. Well we're trying to bribe- I mean encourage- him with Cars DVD when he fills up his chart. Maybe he'll be a little motivated. He went pee 3 times and didn't wet his undies. Thus far success. We'll see how tomorrow goes. Hopefully no migraine so that should help.