Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cache Valley Cruise In

Something for everybody!
Kid Cars:

Drag Racer

This guy had a fun set up:

The dummies have remote controls so he can turn their heads when you least expect it.  Creepy.

(I liked the old timey feel to it all.)


The good:

The Bad:
(actually I don't remember the bad---but the beater jalopy could fit in this category perhaps)
But the UGLY.... well, let's just say I have different taste than all of these people:

(It does actually have's just low and slow baby)

Sean was excited to see an Electric Vehicle there:

Lotsa batteries
Maybe he'd need a longer extension cord.  I don't even this this one would make it out of the driveway...

A bear in his natural habitat: a Studebaker:

(Get these babies up to 88 MPH and you may find yourself in Monument Valley)

Oh yeah and Sean and I got to sit in this baby:

It's for sale but I just don't have the 35k in 

Dukes of Hazzard
Beach Boys
This one is for Sean- It's the symbol for Opal.  Totally looks like a superhero symbol.
They even had Mr. Incredible's Mazda...

(Ian said "Dis not MoMoCyCy"--First lesson about trikes)

Last but not least: Who doesn't need a green car with trailer to match that has ladybug decor?

Happy 4th of July Everyone. 

God Bless America.
And Car Shows.
The End.

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