Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Tonight we did the big "block" backwards.  Which essentially means there's a nice hill about halfway through.  It wasn't so bad tonight though.  I felt like I could breathe pretty well and kept up a good pace.  I don't really know how to pace but tonight felt pretty good.  Sean says you shouldn't do crunches before running.  I wouldn't know.  I think he's a little more tired than I am tonight.  I'll credit it to the magical powers of vanilla coke.  Tomorrow won't be an early morning but kind of looking forward to seeing how it goes tomorrow.  I'm already feeling far more confident about this go around than last year.

Now for some LOST. (Just one episode though.)


  1. wahoo keep it up you are awesome!!

  2. Well done! Backwards, forwards, sideways...anyway you do it a block is a block is a block. And I'm pretty sure Vanilla Coke and Diet Pepsi each contain the same magic as Dumbo's feather, but if you start seeing pink elephants on parade you've ingested the wrong elixir!