Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What does $5 buy you?

Well it bought me a new project (not that I've finished any other of my recent projects) and this one is easy cheesy.  I found this loverly bright duvet cover at the thrift store for a mere $5.

 I love how bright it is and the fabric is smooth to touch too. Nummy.  I have a comforter that my mom got in Europe a gagillion years ago and I'm rather attached to it.  I can't bear to get rid of it though it probably has 1/2 the feathers it started with. It's so snuggly and comfy and perfect for making your very own personal nest.

So I cut down the twin sized duvet cover to make a smaller one for the comforter.  AND it turns out I have enough fabric left over that I can make Landon a quilt or duvet for his big boy bed.  You see, in the fall when Aunt Christie moves to the dorms Ian will get the twin bed as his big boy bed and Lando gets the toddler bed. I'm kind of excited that they'll have matching beds.  They may not like it but I'm the mom and I can do that heh heh heh. (Can you tell I've waited a long time for this?)

PS- Yes I am fully aware that there is pink on the blanket.  And that I have boys.  Whoever said boys couldn't like pink?  Geez!


  1. Another great bargain and a clever project! Not at all concerned about the pink because all kinds of people LIKE pink, and the boys are bound to have happy dreams under those cheerfully loud covers.

  2. Would this be the same comforter that you brought to college with you? If it is I would be attached to it too. That thing was cozy! Love your projects!