Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Meet the new members of our family:

Meet Pinky- no not "and the Brain" though maybe I should name the shoes individually instead of collectively hmmm.... I *LOVE* my new running shoes.  The last pair of shoes I got (for running purposes) was about 8 years ago when I started college.  My feet say "Ooooh Ahhhh" when I put them on.  I thought my feet could only say "Ugh" and "Ow".  I'm thrilled to have Pinky (and the Brain?) join in our family fun this summer.
Also excited about this "little" number.  Blessed is the KSL.com- oh how I love it. Now the whole fam-damily can go running together or I have the freedom to take both boys on my own instead of doing the squish-and-pretend-like-you-like-it routine I tried last week with our single jogger. 

We (Sean and I) are doing another 5k in the fall.  Top of Utah.  I'm not a marathoner but it sounds like I am when I can say I ran the "Top of Utah....5k".  I'm already feeling better about it this go around. 

And last but not least a kind of new addition to our family--or at least to our home:

My baby sister has come to join in the merriment.  I forsee painted toenails, LOST, college life and loads of fun in the future. 


  1. Love the fitness equipment. So much fun happening at your house. I wanna come live there, too! Your sister is beautiful, and she sure doesn't LOOK like a baby...

  2. yay running shoes make all the difference! have fun! love you and miss you!

  3. I have a testimony of new running shoes! It makes a trying experience (the whole let's get in shape thing) loads more enjoyable! Good to see you the other day too! Perhaps there really will be a game night in the near future???