Saturday, June 26, 2010

Is there a fire in here?

'Cause it's HOT!

Happy Father's Day (a wee bit belated)
Man, what a Hotticus! Love you Babe!


  1. I'm totally stealing that idea. For my dad. Jk. Love it.

  2. Ha ha, That's great! Love it. You're so clever. I love the new additions to the family, I love KSL too! I can't believe your sister is already old enough to be in college! Crazy! That will be so fun to have her around. I have been officially internetless (is that a word?) for a few days now and it's killing me. I will have Maggie update withdraws without it. :) I'll have to venture over to Matt's work every once in a while to catch up. Good luck training for the 5k!