Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In the last year I have learned...

I copied the idea from my cousin Kjerstin.  50 things I've learned in the past year.  (Though mine will likely not be as cleverly written as hers.)

Since June 8th of 2009 I have learned:
1) Home is where you make it.  For me it changes.  But mostly it is not my surroundings but the people I love.  Reminds me of the Billy Joel song...I need you in my house 'cause you're my home.
2) My oven cooks hotter and faster than regular baking times call for.  Set it to 25* down and cook for the minimum time and you're good to go.
3) I love summer.  I am reminded of it every year.  I love the long days.
4) Redbox is awesome.  Cheap and makes sense- why rent a movie for a week when you usually only watch it once or twice?
5) My inner fat girl self loves Biggest Loser.  I totally identify with the ostracized feeling and depression.  Takes me back to the teenage years and I realize how grateful I am to be past that.
6) I do not really enjoy Kingdom of Camelot or any of those games.  I prefer the bejeweled or Pac Man type.
7) My terrible memory allows me to read books and watch movies over and over and they're new every time.  I will probably be one of those old people that CAN hide my own Easter eggs- and probably sooner than later.
8) I'm more interested in developing film than taking pictures.
9) I like to live near a park.
10) I can complete a 5K.  And I kind of want to do it again.
11) Pulling two kids in a bike trailer is a lot of work.
12) I forget how addicting adventures can be.
13) Road trips are best with a good traveling buddy.
14) Backyard camping is legit. The joys of sleeping in a tent with access to flush toilet.  Beautiful.
15) Cute shoes are NOT always worth the pain.
16) Good parties include a lot of yummy food to snack on.
17) Digital pictures rarely get printed.
18) Crawling fast is a good excuse for not walking.
19) All living things need sunshine.
20) Primary is fun.  Most of the time.  Though afterwards I need a good nap.
21) Dr. Pepper is my weakness. (I wish it were my only one)
22) Good people are everywhere.  So are lazy bums who want things handed to them instead of working for them... I try to not be a lazy bum.
23) 4 day work weeks are AWESOME!
24) When making an Elmo cake- remember to save enough frosting for the orange nose.
25) Sometimes parties have to be cancelled because children are vomiting.
26) Peacocks are cool. And Loud.
27) Ducks like fish food.
28) It is easier for a child to understand that batteries are dead than it is to understand that a kitty is dead.
29) Razor blades cut cardboard far easier than steak knives do.
30) My boys are instinctively attracted to things with motors: cars, planes, boats.
31) Pygmy goats are less frightening than Rams.  But only the baby ones.
32) I still have never been through a corn maze.
33) Bugs outside are cool- Bugs in my house are nasty and must be killed. Especially earwigs.
34) Old friends resurface when you need them most.
35) Sometimes it is better to stop where you are and move on to more important things.

The original list goes to 50 but I'll stop there.  I'm tired of typing and the boys need my attention.
What have YOU learned in the past year??


  1. Ha! I love it. I'm going to be right there with you hiding my own easter eggs one day! I'm the same way.

  2. I hear ya with the bug thing...we killed no less than 7 spiders today...yuCK!