Monday, June 14, 2010

Hurst Family Reunion 2010

Traditional Tie Dye (Thanks Tiff and TIM!) PS- Fuchsia is more manly than Pink. Just so ya know.

Group Shot Attempts while hiking.
(Do you have tickets to Tim's Gun show??)

Let's go fly a kite!

And for Memorial Day we went to the cemetery to honor those who have gone before.
All the Great Grandkids (in our family) by Great Grandpa Aroe Brown's marker honoring his service to his country.
Arleen and Posterity visiting Aroe's grave

Thank Cat for all your hard work and preparation!


  1. The wee kite-flyer, with his mohawk and chappy cheeks, slays me. And I highly approve of the tie dye tradition, especially when you take it into the wild.

  2. To bad the best shirt isn't in the tie-dye pictures, because it is behind the camera.