Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We should rename it the "Lando Table"

We rearranged the living room (again). This time there is a cool toy area behind the couch. I love it. 

Disclaimer: These pictures ARE connected....they're all on our camera and are moments from our lives- thus despite them being random and not seeming to have connection- they do.  Us. We're the connection. (Which makes me think of Kermit: "Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection.  The lovers, the dreamers and me."  Plinky planky planky plinky plank- that's the banjo of course)

So here's a close up of two very special people in our lives:

Tina Amy and Danny Boy
(If you look in the previous picture they're sitting in the corner by the bookshelves)

Tina is mine.  I got her for my third birthday (though her birthday is October 1st- it says so on her birth certificate.)  Which would make her 22 and a half years old.  I'm assuming Danny Boy is roughly the same age though I don't know for sure.  (I don't know that Sean ever had a birth certificate for him).  Over the years they have each sported many different styles.  Currently Tina is wearing her wedding dress.  It was cleverly made by my lovely cousin Rachel from my wedding dress.  Tina loved it so much she has worn it ever since.  Danny Boy is pictured here sporting one of Lando's onesies (and a diaper).  Tina used to have a long pony tail in the back but one day I got it in my head to give her a hair cut.  I was a bit sad to realize it wouldn't grow back.  Oh well.  She looks cute with a short pony (I know you can't see it you'll just have to trust me).  My favorite little tidbit about these two is their eyes.  Tina has green eyes and so does Sean.  Danny Boy has brown eyes and so do I.  Just fun.  

I just heard a thud and I can tell you what it was.  Landon.  "Getting down"  From here:

He has discovered that he can climb up on the coffee table and thinks it is the coolest spot ever.  The table belonged to my great grandmother (my namesake) and was passed to my grandma and then to me.  I love this table.  I love this little boy.  Though I think it is safe to say that small children and nice wood tables don't go together very well.  I may have to refinish it when the kids are teenagers (because you know, I won't have enough to keep me busy).  

He likes to talk on the phone.  And chew on it.  He especially likes it when big brother is napping so he gets both the attention AND the phone.   
(PS- he's totally fine.  He's gotten on and off the coffee table about 10 times in the time I've been typing.  He's a happy boy.)

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  1. I cant believe how big he is! it will be weird to see you in a few hours lol. our babies are growing up :( I am kinda excited about the babies in the family too! mainly mine just doesnt even penetrate my mind it crosses it plenty but I dont think it will sink in untill the baby is here. which is a-okay with me :)