Thursday, May 6, 2010

So good to be OHM

Look at what we accomplished this morning: 

I remember making cars out of boxes with my older brother when I was a kid. To be more precise I think they were usually motor homes.  I wanted the best of both worlds- a car and a house.  And the cardboard Winnebego was born.  I would spend hours drawing curtains (thanks Amelia Bedilia) and tires and paper plate steering wheels. It was magical.  So we recreated a bit of the magic this morning.  To my boys it is of course a TRUCK not a motor home because to Ian everything good comes in truck form.  Notice TWO steering wheels- one for each- no fighting.  Thus far it has worked and they are sharing nicely.  It also is pretty deluxe with a windshild (including see through plastic for glass) and doors.  Lando knows the necessity of road trip munchies and thus brought his apple.  After returning from our road trip yesterday Ian is repeatedly saying "We're OHM!" and getting out of the truck.  Oh it's so good to be OHM.

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