Monday, May 17, 2010

Rafting down the Colorado

Sean and I took a trip to Moab to do the touristy thing and raft the Colorado River.  It was fun :) I *LOVED* having a whole day with just Sean--Thanks Aunt Nikki and Aunt Cat for watching the boys! We did a whole day raft trip and in the morning it was just us and 3 guides.  So much fun.  One of the guides was training so it was fun to hear the tricks of "this rapid is better on the right in low water" Or "Don't let your group go that way or you'll miss the pick up" stuff like that.  It was cold in Moab which meant I didn't get near as much sun as I would have liked but I also didn't get sunburned so there ya go.  Mixed blessings.  The morning was way more fun than the afternoon.  We told our guide, Amy, we wanted to take the wet fun route- so we did.  In the afternoon we picked up the rest of our group and a couple of other boats.  Our boat had us, Amy, an old couple from Portland Oregon who just couldn't seem to leave Moab they loved it that much, an old guy from Chicago named Ted who kept hitting on the lady from Oregon right in front of her husband (it was so gross) and his son and his friend.  The last two were privilaged boys (freshman in college) who had a bit of an attitude and probably wanted to be in Melina's boat because she was the young hot guide.... plus rafting was nothing to them since they were going sky diving in the morning.  Lunch was AWESOME. The river was fun.  It wasn't like the Nantahala River in North Carolina that I went on in 2004 but it was definitely a good time.  

This is where we picked up the rest of our group.  Right before we came up there was a lovely big rapid that totally soaked me (so I'm FREEZING in these shots).  I didn't even see it coming but it was awesome!

The above picture was at lunch.  A cool ranch resort place... don't remember the name sorry. 

I didn't take pictures when we were on the water because I was enjoying the stories and the view.  

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