Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Birthday



Does whatever a SPIDER PIG does
Can he swing
From a web
No he cant
He's a pig
He is a SPIDER PIG!!

Landon Loves Piggies. So I thought it was appropriate I make him a pig birthday cake. I didn't purposely try to fashion it in the form of Spider Pig- but there you have it.

I can't believe he's a year old already. It's hard to believe really. A year ago at this time he was an hour old and getting ready to go to St. Mary's Hospital in Grand Junction. Today he is home in his bed snuggled up with his piggy. We are so blessed to have Landon in our family. Come to think of it this was probably about the time (maybe a little later) that Sean and Richard gave him a priesthood blessing. We hadn't decided on a name yet so they had to say Baby Boy Hurst. But as soon as they said that I had this urge to say "No his name is Landon." But I held my peace--it's not for me to interrupt a blessing and Heavenly Father knows who he's blessing anyway. Those first few days were a rollercoaster of emotions and I'm grateful things happened the way they did. God knows what is best for us. There's no way I could have planned to have Landon where I did but we were blessed to have so much love and support. Isn't that why we come to earth anyway? To join a family and learn to love and support one another? For a look back you can click HERE.

Happy Birthday Landon! 

(We needed another cake picture just for fun)

Big Brother enjoyed the festivities too. 


  1. I see the pig; I don't see the spider. I see Landon is an excellent big-biter of cake. No fist full of mashed 1st birthday for him! Thanks to you & Sean for bringing Landon and Ian into our family. They bring us so much joy.

  2. Thanks Mom :) Spider Pig is from the Simpson's Movie. Sorry I didn't clarify that earlier. :)

  3. Cute cake! I can't believe Landon is one already.

  4. What a cute boy! Isn't it crazy how babies come when they want to and not when you expect them to, brings back memories. I love that cake. You're so creative. I've been wanting to try out marshmallow fondant cakes. It looks like it isn't too hard and it's also cheap which is what I like! I just need an excuse to make a cute cake.

  5. I just used plain old store bought cream cheese frosting :) Fondant tastes weird and I LOVE frosting so I'd rather it not look so smooth and taste yummy.