Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring Break Part Deux

March 15th 2006 Sean and I tied the knot.  Good times.  Great Oldies. 
March 15th 2007 Sean and I tied the knot FOR-E-V-E-R! (Yay for temples!) 
March 15th 2008 Sean and I had recently been to Monticello/Blanding for Dani and Fielding's wedding.  (Don't you love getting married during Spring Break?)
March 15th 2009 Sean and I were in Logan looking for housing.
March 15th 2010 Sean and I celebrated out 4 year anniversary with a photo shoot and enjoyed the beautiful warm weather of California.  

There you have it folks.  
4 years.  
4 Spring Breaks. 
Only one Spring Break left and so many more years to celebrate.  

There was more to spring break: Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, visits with LOTS of family, Road trips with less seats than people (shh), Pismo Beach, Swimming in the pool (yes it was FRIGID), finding a cool hat and remote control Submarine at Goodwill, Playing with the white dog (Yay-Yaeg as Ian refers to him) TOGO's, California Pizza Kitchen, Target, Flying, Luggage (Oy!), and lots of warm sunshine.  

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