Monday, April 12, 2010

Shoulda Coulda....Did THIS instead

In true avoidance fashion guess what I did today? Hint: I SHOULD have been putting away laundry and straightening up the place..... But that's not what I did.

Started the morning with a little sleeping in.  (Thanks boys).

Then while Daddy was at school and little brother was napping- big brother decided to help me pick rocks out of our garden. The soil here is SO rocky and we happen to have a solution for all those rocks: We're putting them to the side of our house by the driveway strips so that when it rains the side you walk on won't be all nasty muddy.  Brilliant no? Today we got 4 dump truck loads full.  :)  It's a good thing we got it all done before the rain came.

Then while the boys were both down for their afternoon naps I went to the Case Lot sale at Macey's and stocked up on loverly things for our food storage.  (PS- Sean was home at this point-- I did NOT leave the boys unattended, thankyouverymuch)

Later- Ian and I went shelving shopping (to redo the basement with) to no avail.  Oh well.  Necessity is the mother of invention... So I got creative and made a "shelf" out of an ancient card table (why someone left it here I'm not really sure- but the basement is a wonder of stories in itself- I digress..) with a large piece of plywood on top. Genius. The crappy card table wouldn't hold anything on it but the metal is still as strong as ever and with the plywood I can put all sorts of things on there.  Currently I have future yard-sale/gonna-get-rid-of-it-anyway stuff piled on it.  Managed to clear out the entry of the basement and started sorting the boys' clothes.  Man they have a lot of clothes.  I'm grateful that they will soon be going to someone else's good use.  (Some of them at least).

The living room is still a mess and the laundry is still nagging me to be put away, but the great thing (I guess) is that it'll all still be there for me tomorrow.

Oh and last night when blog-hopping I found Pomplamoose.  I love her voice and their creativity! Check it out.

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