Thursday, April 22, 2010

Long-Thin-Slimey Ones, Short-Fat-Juicy ones, Itsy Bitsy Fuzzy Wuzzy WORMS!

THIS ^ is our garden.

Well- it was our pre-garden dirt really. (One might even call it a "garden plot")  Now we have plants in it (see the little box near the hoe? It has said plants in it)

Boy child LOVES playing in the dirt.  Which is funny because he doesn't really like to get dirty (initially- after the first bit he's good to go)

The soil is so rocky so we took a buncha rocks from our garden and dumped them (with the aid of the here-pictured dump truck) to the side of our house where we get nasty mud every time it rains.  Ew.  Good solution.  Too bad we lost momentum and only got about 4 feet covered. Oh well.
We have some CRAZY BIG worms in our garden.  I hope that is a good omen. Especially after the bad smell from probably someone's pet that had been buried near by.  
Oh and if you know me: you know I don't really garden.  (I blame allergies and a black thumb) We'll see how it goes this year.  Two years ago we participated in a Ward Garden and I considered it baby steps.  Hope we get some yummy food this summer.  

Isn't he such a cutie playing in the dirt in his pirate pants?  Yes I took the boys to Home Depot in their Jammies... picking my battles. 

Want to know a secret?

Promise you won't tell?

We are standing by a wishing well.... 

...ok well we're not- but it does involve water: 
 Someone left seeds in her pocket.  Then someone did the laundry and found seeds ALL OVER the bottom of the washer.  So someone decided that since they were already wet I *I mean SHE* might as well plant them in the garden.  We'll see if the surprise sunflowers come up this summer. 


  1. How fun! I cant wait to get my garden planted! kade also loves to play in the dirt! or mud we will see how this summer goes. hope to see you in the near future!

  2. Wow, I missed a lot! What a fun, big yard you have. The boys will love it. I love the blanket with all those different textures. By the way those pictures of you two are so cute you are super photogenic!