Sunday, April 18, 2010

"More! More! More!" Said the Baby

Lando has learned to sign "More"... we taught it to him using pudding as the reward.  He seems to use it ALL the time- This kid LOVES FOOD.  (He's eating green beans here.)

Happy Boy.

Anyone for some biscuits and gravy?

Cookie cutters aren't just for cookies anymore!

And finally: The boys in the bike trailer.  
"Stop taking pictures already Mom! Let's GO!"

With the weather getting nicer (read not snowing OR freezing YAY!) we broke out the bike trailer and went for a family bike ride.  It was wonderful.  Sean pulled the boys and I led the way to the park.  We had a grand time.  Then the other day we went to go play at the cousins' house and let Sean take the car to school.  So I pulled the trailer with my bike.  Woah Nellie! 50 pounds is a LOT to add to any work out.  I'm still sore and it was 3 days ago.  I also decided NOT to bust out the camera because the boys would behave better if I didn't.  "Let's DOE!"  was Ian's constant demand once we were outside.  

More pictures to come soon-ish.  Sean upgraded/fixed our desktop computer and it's AWESOME- I even like Windows 7 on it.  Crazy.  So I can upload pictures without it taking eternity or my computer randomly overheating and shutting down.  (Which he fixed that problem too- what a whiz!)

Hope you enjoyed the update.  A week late but here none-the-less. 
 Check ya on the flipside.

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  1. what I cutie! how lucky are you! I would love to get a bike trailer. but I will also need a different bike to pull it with. my road bikes seat is not made for comfort.