Monday, April 26, 2010

I've just had an apostrophe...

Smee: I've just had an apostrophe.
Captain Hook: I think you mean an epiphany.
Smee: [gestures his fingers to his head] Lightning has just struck my brain.
Captain Hook: Well, that must hurt. 

I like blogs.  I like reading them.  I like writing them.  This morning I was thinking about why I like blogs.  (Who thinks about this stuff while munching Raisin Bran?  Me evidently.) Well I had an epiphany (A piffy what?).  I love creative non-fiction. LOVE.  I've known this for a while now.  In fact in my Senior year at SUU I thought that if it were cost effective to add another year or two to my degree and change my major to creative writing--I would have.  Alas I decided it was not wise to amass much more in the way of debt so I graduated.  Moved on.  But my love for CNF has not died.  I'd say it has even blossomed to the blogosphere.  I have always considered myself a writer whether I have had readers or not.  Blogs allow me to connect with other "closet" writers and it feeds my inspiration.  I get a kick out of connecting with strangers on a human level.  We all have stories to tell and often experience the same emotions. I love feeling connected.  Thanks Al Gore for inventing the internet (HA!).  I'm so glad I have found my niche.

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