Thursday, April 8, 2010

hello world

Why do I feel the need to apologize to you out there in the blogosphere?  I dunno.  Maybe it's the narcissistic side of me that thinks people read this and wonder where has she gone? 

I'm back.  I'm sorry I haven't written lately.  Life happens.  Sometimes I feel like blogging.  Sometimes I don't.  Almond Joy has nuts. Mounds don't. Just sayin'...

Also there are pictures sitting on my loverly SD card just waiting to be uploaded.  But alas my excuse for today is that the husband is on his computer which has the good SD port.  So there ya have it.  Pictures next time.  Maybe.

To those of you still reading (see I AM narcissistic)  my purpose in blogging this fine evening:
  • It was sunny today.  
  • AND warm(ish)
  • We found a great kitchen table at the thrift store.  YAY- it's wooden- round- and has two leaves to add to it thus making it big enough for my oblong fancy table cloth that I pull out on special occasions which previously had been folded in half and awkwardly draped over a SQUARE card table.  But for now it will be a beautiful little circle in our kitchen.  
  • I am *this* close to being finished with Ari's blankie.   (I have an affinnity for the term "blankie" simply because I had/have one- yes Mom HAVE- and I believe everyone should share in my love for all things blankie) I am loving how the textures are turning out. 
  • I love Project Linus.
  • My in-laws have a bright yellow basement guest room. I love it.  It's so bright and cheery. Perfect for a basement.  Makes me want to be crafty. I think I need to paint my crafty room yellow.  (Someday when I have painting permission...)


  1. Well maggie I definitely wonder where you have been. I miss reading your cute posts. The basement is starting to grow on me but I am still conflicted about it lol. I am looking forward to seeing everyone today! and I am way excited to see ari's blankie.

  2. Welcome back. I check for posts from you EVERY DAY, so blog for me if no one else. Yay for the beautiful table, and I'm all for blankies, too. But adults need GROWNUP blankies, not 25 year old baby blankies. I know Ari will love her blankie, but heaven help us if she has it 25 years from now!

  3. I'm glad you're back too, I kept checking for spring break numero 2! I want to see pictures of the blanket too since I can't run over there and check it out myself. I talked to Shantel the other day and she's moving to Logan this fall, crazy hah! I was looking through pictures on my computer and found pictures of all the old roomies back in Aspen Meadows, ahh those were some good/crazy times! For the life of me I can't remember one of their names, Liz and??? I can't believe I can forget someone's name that I lived with. That's terrible!

  4. Kelli- it's Allison... :) I know I do need to update Spring Break numero Dos---- I'll try to get to it this week. This is my picture week (if Sean leaves his laptop at home.) It might even be my after church activity- other than eating of course. Fast Sunday :) AND I'll have pictures of Ari's blanket. Yay.

  5. I do so love to read about your fun doings! It makes me want to grab a paint brush and paint something. Watch out here I come!