Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Ok peoples, here are the long awaited quilt pictures: 

I made this for my niece Ari.  I *LOVE* how it turned out.  It's a good thing I like her already or I probably would have kept it (hey my boys like pink too).  It's mostly a knit fabric quilt focusing on textures.  AND I thrifted all the materials so it was cheap (ish).  The satin squares are from an old 80's style tank I had. The green bumpy ones are from a cool shirt I found at a thrift store when I was shopping for textures. The fuzzy purple muppet hair is from a remnant I bought a long time ago and was SO excited to finally use it- though it left purple hair all over my carpet and clothes when working with it.  The pink heart fabric comes from some cutie little girl jammie pants that I also found thrifting.  The pink on the back was from the same trip- I found a knit receiving blanket and fell in love with how soft and snuggly it felt.  Last but not least (because this was my favorite part) the brown squares are from Sean's gagillion military shirts.  And we still have PLENTY to wear for work shirts and rags.  See- all those clothes they give you ARE good for something- AND can be stylish! Nikki generously helped me tie it. (Thanks Nik!) See the pattern--oh wait--there isn't one (another factor I loved about this project).  I decided "Oh to heck with a pattern! I have lotsa squares and LIFE doesn't have a set pattern yet IT still turns out pretty well." So there you have it.  I wanted to free machine quilt it but #1- I don't know how to do that yet #2- I don't think knit is the best fabric to start that project and #3- I don't have a darning plate for my machine so it wouldn't work.  Maybe the next one.  Put in your requests for kid quilts now- I only work on them when the creative mood hits so who knows when the next project will be... Maybe you'll inspire me :)


  1. So cute! And fun fabric... I'd never have thought of using fuzzy purple in a quilt but it's adorable. (And, I daresay, snuggly.)

  2. It's darling! LOVE the purple fuzzies! Makes me want to pet it.