Monday, February 1, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday...etc

We attempted "Muffin Tin Monday"-- basically food in a muffin tin.  The theory is it's fun and a variety of food gives the kid choices...
 Ian had Pretzels, Fruit Snacks, Cheese, PB and Honey Sammich, Raisins and Pink Lemonade.  What do you think was his favorite??  
Yep. The fruit snacks.  Oh well.  He ate some cheese and raisins and all the pretzels but I couldn't get him to touch the time.  (AKA that's what he's having for dinner) Let's add some more pictures just for kicks shall we? 
Ian earned his "Science Kid DDDD!" YAY! 

And here are the boys watching the "DDDD" Well they WERE.  As soon as the camera came out Lando wouldn't look back at the movie. 
Good bonding time.

So I thought I was the one in the family who loves hats.  
And I do.  Apparently so do my boys: 
Landon in a "Military" cap given to me by a friend.  It's fun but fits weird.  Ian wouldn't keep it on when he was little.
Ian sporting a train conductor's hat fashioned (made) by Oma in days past. 
And we can't forget the big boy either: 
Sean in his new headlamp.  We use it mostly for mining laundry (it's in the basement and we have no light on the back porch/stairs).  Alas- I'm going to have to play catch up and get some pictures of myself in hats for another post.  Until then. TTFN.


  1. I confess, I would have never guessed you would have to mine laundry. I hope it's not referring to huge piles, but just to location.

    Delog: the act of putting logs back where you found them rather than "logging" the forest. Delog.

  2. I love the boys in hats! And the pig and elephant stickers in Ian's chart. Sounds to me like the Muffin Tin trick is working. Fruit snacks will ALWAYS be first choice, but cheese and raisins and pretzels are just as good as a sammich. So many good choices! Isn't that the idea?

  3. Lora: yes the mining refers to the location not usually the large piles (though sometimes...) but it could also refer to the value of clean laundry. Mmm Warm fresh towels...

    Mom: It did mostly work and yes that IS the idea... it was just a wee bit frustrating. But if I had a choice I'd probably just gorge myself on fruit snacks (or oreos) too. I guess I DO have a choice... but I'd rather not most of the time.