Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In honor of Valentine's Day

So on Facebook this week people are posting how long they have been together with their significant other in honor of Valentines day. Here's a little data about Sean and me by the numbers:

  • Sean and I have been together for 4 years and 5 months 
  • Married for 3 years 11 months (on Monday)
  • Sealed for 2 years 11 months and onward to eternity
  • Have 2 kids
  • Rented 1 house and 2 basements 
  • Completed 2 BA Degrees
  • Started 1 grad school
  • Owned 3 1/2 cars (Sean owned the Buick that we crashed a month before we got married)
  • Sold 1 car
  • Had 0 pets
  • Gotten 1,000's of dollars in debt for school
  • Killed 4 or 5 houseplants
  • Planted 1 garden
  • Traveled 53,000 plus some odd miles
  • Visited 4 states not including where we live
  • Gone to the beach 3 times
  • Attended 6 weddings
  • Blown 2 tires 
  • Attended 2 funerals and 1 baptism
  • Watched a gagillion movies
  • Read at least 10 books out loud together
  • Stopped at the Arby's in Green River 10-jillion times 
  • Stopped at the Subway in Green River 5-jillion times
  • Stopped at scary only open gas station in Monticello at 2 AM once
  • Made 1 batch of "diaper stew"-- and yes it was gross though NOT what you're thinking
  • 1 partially torn tendon
  • 1 batch of Jello-Jigglers (they're just not that yummy when you have to eat the whole batch with two of you)
  • Longest seperation 3 weeks
  • Changed lotsa diapers
  • Done lotsa laundry 
  • Been to 6 temples
  • Camped just the two of us 1 time
  • Ran 1 5k
  • Had 3 computers (though one has had lots of different parts replaced)
  • Owned 0 TV's (though we had a TV tuner in our now broken computer)
  • Gone Deer hunting 3 times
  • Killed 0 deer (though we only had tags twice)
  • Hiked Overlook Trail at Zions--- 1/4 time
  • Hiked Emerald Pools trail at Zions 2 times
  • Driven the "Hog's back" 1 time
  • Played Cataan 50 some odd times
  • Recontructed 1 rocking chair
  • Stayed at 5 hotels
  • Painted 1 item of furniture 
  • AND
  • Been to IKEA 1 time
So there you have it folks.  Some of us by the numbers.  Just in case you were wondering.  I knew you were. 

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  1. Those are some very fun numbers! I was trying to match Christina and my numbers to some of those... I have no idea how many miles we've driven, but it feels like a gagillion... a gagillion Rook games... 1 deer hunt, 2 tags, 0 deer... 1 camping trip, but not by ourselves, no jello jigglers but two oreo pudding pies... no diaper stew (not sure I'd recognize it anyway)... two states, three cities, four addresses...two desktop computers... and two laptops (neither or which ever really worked...) 1 TV... 1 dog... 1 son and... more to come... someday.