Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Salt Lake Te-Temp

We went to my step-sister's wedding in Salt Lake just after New Year's. Ian loved being at the "te-temp" but didn't like when Mom and Dad left for the sealing. He saw the Disney castle today and said "Mom doe te-temp." Then I asked him if he went to look for me and he nodded. Which explains why he ran away from Aunt Christie... Any way, here's a couple of pictures. This is us freezing and playing on the steps to keep occupied afterwards.
(Thanks Christie for taking the photos.)
Ian thought he should get some camera time of his own...

It was nice to see family. Ian often tells me that we have to get our shoes on and drive to find "Aunt Tris-Tris and Dra-Dramp." Poor kid doesn't understand they live 14 hours away.

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  1. Well he could come see aunt cat!! You are all looking wonderful! I am glad you got to go to the TE-Temp!