Monday, January 11, 2010

I want a sticker on my chart too!

For Family Home Evening tonight I had the lesson and I chose to talk about goals. After all it IS a new year and one SHOULD set goals at some point, right? (Better late than never.) The tricky part was trying to figure out how to teach Ian, our 2 1/2 year old what goals are. So we made charts. Ian loves the idea so far. We'll see how it works. He watched an episode of Sid: The Science Kid where they learn all about charts and why they are important. Ian has been fascinated with them since then. Every time Ian cleans up his toys before nap and bedtime he will earn a sticker. When he gets 24 stickers he'll get a Sid: The Science Kid DVD thank you He loves movies and loves Sid so why not? He seems pretty excited to have a chart just like Sid. He already tried to earn more stickers tonight by putting extra puzzle pieces away after he got his first sticker. Tricky. Only two stickers a day kiddo.

I am earning my sticker by typing all of this. I think it's a pretty sweet deal. My goal is to do more journaling. This includes everything from my personal journal to blogging (only once a day counts) to writing in the boys' journals (which means I need to start one for Landon--it's shameful really. He's almost 8 months old and I still haven't gotten him one.) When I have filled up my chart I earn a shopping spree just for me. Kind of hard to imagine. Usually I'm looking for stuff for other people (read: kids or husband or people having babies, etc.) and come across a killer deal on something for myself. This time I get to shop with the intent of shopping for ME. Mind you we're on a grad school budget so I won't go crazy-- but I'm looking forward to it. Books, clothes, jewelry, makeup, accessories- Who knows?

Sean's goal is to be more diligent about study habits this semester. After he puts in a gagillion hours (really it's 200 but it overwhelms me already) he'll earn another expansion to his Munchkin game (the one with the Buttkicking Boots).

Speaking of school: Sean started his 2nd of 4 semesters today. He only has 3 classes and it's strange for both of us to comprehend. Last semester he had 4 classes plus an online teaching assistant class. The schedule is MUCH easier for me to understand this go around and I'm hoping it helps add to the beauty of routine. People keep telling us to "hang in there" or "you guys are doing the right thing" and I'm hoping they're right. Don't get me wrong: we will do what we came here to do, namely get a master's degree. It's just more than I thought. I like being an undergrad. I like being married to an undergrad. There was a lot more time with each other then. Now when school is in session I feel like I don't really get to see Sean anymore. But I am so grateful he's willing to put forth the effort it takes to slog though and earn a Master's degree. I'm just glad he didn't decide to become a doctor or anything. (To my friends with spouses in medical school- my heart goes out to you.)

So there ya go. I posted to the blog. I'm going to go choose my sticker now. (I get sparkley stars- tee hee hee.)


  1. Yay for stickers! And charts! and goal-achieving! and Sid the Science Kid! And Super Yay for more blogging!

  2. Most impressive! I've contemplated what kind of reward I would get for completing a goal and so far I haven't found anything that would keep my interest long enough. I am the queen of justification. Sad I know.

    So, this Munchkin you talk about... my curiosity is peaked. My brother-in-law pulled it out entirely too late one night for us all to play. I think I would have understood it better if my eyes would have stayed open. 11 pm is so far past my bedtime nowadays and learning something new and enjoying it is just too much to ask for.
    the end.

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