Friday, January 1, 2010

First Post of the Year

I'm taking a break from organizing the craft closet and thought I'd write a quick blog. Happiest of New Years to you all. May this year's adventures bring enlightenment and maybe some unexpected joys.

Going through and organizing the craft closet has made me realize just how grateful I am to have one central location for all of my crafty essentials. All my life my supplies have been scattered whereever I could find homes for them, making it hard to be inspired and even more difficult to locate items when I am inspired. I've had my sewing knick-knacks more or less together for a while but now it's always been in boxes. I now have my fabric out on a shelf so I can see it all in it's wonderous glory. I know, I know. Organized people have been doing this for ages...but I'm not what I would considered "organized". (Though I am the go-to-know-it-all for random things in the house.) That's all I have to say about that.

New Year's Eve was pretty dang fun. We played How to Host a Murder with my step sisters and their significant others and my Dad and step-mom. I was fun to see people get into it. I wished I could have decorated more and come up with a better costume. Next time. I'd like to do one set in a decade a little farther from any I've lived in (this one was in the 80's). Maybe 1920's or 1950's. We got our game at a second hand store for $2 or $3. Online I've seen them for $40. I've decided that it might just be worth it. I'll keep my eyes open for them (cheap or otherwise) because this was definately a hit.

I really do need to get back to the closet business. More ramblings later.
PS- My mom blogs now. I'm stoaked.

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