Friday, January 29, 2010

Ever wonder what I hear all day?

"Eee make NeNe" Nena is our VW Jetta. We all love her.

"Eee doe Dradram's blue truck" He has to differentiate between Dradram's blue truck and our blue truck. If you've seen them- you know why.  Ours is older regular cab with sweet paint job- blue with flecks of rust and grey and Dradrams is a new Chevy with Leather seats, non-chipping paint.  The works.  But Ian gets excited to ride in any truck, ours even has a radio--which Nena doesn't.

"Eee doe toe det chalkchalk Milk. Eee det blue milk."

"Eee doe plane see UnkUnk Matt, OhOhm, TrisTris, Dradram Dradramp WiWit"

"Mom doe tetemp."

"Mom doe toe. Det PiPicks."  Usually he says this after watching Little Rascals when he see's the Pickle BoobyTrap.  He is partial to Kosher ones just like mom :)

"Eee build house."

"No LaLow! No!" (repeated multiple times an hour)

"LaLow eat baby tood. ChubChub need baby tood." 

"LuhLuh too!"

"Eee call Dad," he tells me then turns the speaker phone and and shows me that he did in fact call Sean, who was in class.  And didn't have his phone on silent.  We left him a fun message. 

"Eee take dis one way LanLow" as he shows me toys he helped rescue from his little brother.  He is forever "rescuing" his toys from Landon.  Perhaps he doesn't realize he has to SHARE them...hmm firstborn.


Little brother doesn't say much in return. "MmmmMMmm." "MaMaaa" "Dadadadada." "Rrrraaaawwww" or the usual pleading for rescue from his big brother who loves him a little too much sometimes. 

I love these boys.


  1. I read them out loud and kade thought they were quite funny!

  2. I think it's more like "Um Yeah!" but you're totally right.

  3. Ha ha! I love the translations. It will be fun when Landon and Ian can really talk to each other. Just imagine the funny conversations.