Friday, January 8, 2010

Boots of Buttkicking

I apologize in advance for the sheer random nature of this blog.

What does the title have to do with anything you ask? Well I'm still wearing my boots from a trip to the store this frigid evening and it made me think of the Boots of Buttkicking from a fun, if a bit irreverent, card game Munchkin. They're a +2 in combat--or something like that.(Yes I am too lazy to go look it up.) I'm also in a bit of a grouchy mood seeing as the two year old didn't take his nap today so the Boots could have come in handy. They apparently weren't equipped yet. Oh well. (Please don't think that I would actually kick the two year old's butt with said boots. They merely give me an advantage to combat and may have given me a chance at winning. As it was- I lost. I think we all lost.)

In other truly random fashion: Sean likes to make fun of me but I like to tuck my pj's or my thermals into my socks. It looks super goofy. Off the charts tacky. But it keeps my pj's from riding up in the blankets when it's really cold or my thermals from doing the same when putting on cold pants. Have I mentioned it's cold here. I'm struggling with it. Today's high: 10 degrees. At least it was double digits and not negative right? Yeah that's way too cold for my liking. PS I also tuck the baby's pants into his socks when I feel it is too cold. (Usually just at night.)

Currently my feet are toasty warm with my tucked in socks and Boots of Buttkicking. Don't mess with me. :)

I think it's time for a pickle. (Kosher. Dill. And yes I am a pickle snob.)

Things you never knew you never knew.

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  1. Your randomness made me laugh today! Wish I had some boots of buttkicking...

    Of course, our high today is 70 F. I'd probably have to switch the boots of buttkicking for flip-flops anyway.

    Hey, if you guys need a break from the cold, we have an extra bedroom! (And a pool! :)